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5 Of The Best Interior Design & Accessory Ideas For 2016

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Along with the New Years Resolutions to start a new hobby, give up your favourite unhealthy snack or attend spinning classes at least twice a week, the New Year also presents a perfect time to consider revamping your home!

Designing your home gives you a great opportunity to be creative and imaginative as possible! However, it’s also important that your home remains as a space to which you feel both comfortable but also proud to live in share with others.

So here are five top interior design suggestions which are simple to implement in the home to help give you some inspiration about how you could make some really stylish and fabulous changes to your home.

  1. Lighting for impact

Lights are a great accessory in your home, not only for the essential reason of helping you find your way around, but lights help in creating the ambiance and feel of a room.

Higher, brighter and more illuminating lights might be useful for kitchens, whereas a more relaxing and intimate glow can be achieved using lower lighting such as lamps, more popularly used for living rooms and bedrooms.

     2. Sleek and smooth library shelves

This interior design idea is particularly spectacular for the bookworms amongst you! If your home has an office or library, a full floor to ceiling installation on one or all of the walls in the room would create a contemporary and smart finish, but also creates an added amount of space which is not a bad thing!

However as shelving systems are extremely versatile, this sleek design doesn’t have to be restricted to a place or work or study. A bespoke shelved feature wall designed specifically for your home from Barbara Genda for a bedroom or living room would create an equally impressive impact, as would a beautifully finished freestanding cabinet in your kitchen.

  1. Rugs to add pattern and texture

Rugs don’t only introduce colour to a space which may otherwise look simple and rather plain, but they can also add a fabulous texture to the room. It’s amazing how rooms can be quickly transformed by introducing pattern, colour and texture to the floor!

From plush fluffy soft rugs to stylish geometric patterned rugs, there will always be a rug that suits your room perfectly!

  1. Perfect pottery pieces

Ceramic pottery pieces are a great way to add colour and personality into your home. This interior design accessoryCeramicsSpain (16) copy can be used throughout any room in your home. From vases for your sitting room, to butter dishes in your kitchen, there are endless uses for beautiful pottery in and around your home.

Jill Rosenwald who design and handcraft pottery have a fantastic range of trellis pieces. The traditional link patterns inspired by the ornate and interwoven architecture of old England buildings look magnificent on the bowls, vases and cocktail trays which the design is available in.

  1. Play around with fabrics and prints

To give your home a fresh look, don’t be afraid to use existing accessories or buy cheaper items and give them a makeover! Incorporating prints and colour into your home can really boost the vibrancy in the room making it a more appealing space to spend time in.

Perhaps you are wanting some new pillows to give your sofa, chair or bed a new look, well how about buying some fabrics with a design you love and recover them yourself? This little tip is great as it could also work out as being cheaper than buying new pillows.