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Can a Mattress Topper Really Enhance Your Night’s Sleep?

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Is a mattress simply a costly add on or could it help you to enhance your night’s sleep? To answer that question, first look here for a range of quality beds and mattresses, then carryon reading, as here are three of the major reasons so many choose to use a mattress topper.

Bed Bugs, Dust Mite and Mattress Hygiene

There is nothing worse than itching in bed. Even if you change your sheets regularly and turn your mattress so to avoid the dreaded bed bugs from moving in and dust mite from taking hold, dead skin and sweat can and often do find their way into our mattresses.

Replacing a mattress can prove costly though. Consequently many of us use the same mattress for a decade, or longer, before succumbing to buying a new one. Further, many of us only do so when a mattress becomes lumpy and uncomfortable from wear and tear.

It might not be the lumps you can see or feel when you climb into bed that are disturbing your sleep or causing discomfort though; long before a mattress becomes lumpy it will almost certainly absorb sweat, dust and even be invaded by mite. Then, a mattress topper as well as adding an extra layer of comfort can also protect a mattress and help to keep your bed fresh and an inviting place to bed down.

Just remember, if you are prone to allergies or are especially concerned about hygiene when it comes to your bed, the hugely popular memory foam mattress toppers might not be your best bet. Instead, consider a mattress topper such as a Zonesleep Spacer topper sold via the Zone Sleep website. Zone Sleep fabrics used to create their toppers are especially designed, unlike memory foam, to be breathable, lightweight, washable, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic.

Protecting Your Mattress

You may feel that a new mattress should negate the reason(s) to buy a mattress topper and instead figure that you are actually saving money from foregoing the extra expense, but this is not always (if ever) the case. After all, mattress toppers don’t only protect your mattress from unwanted inhabitants, sweat and dust.

Investing in a mattress topper when purchasing a new mattress is by far the best idea. Not only will a mattress topper used in conjunction with your new mattress provide extra comfort, by buying the two together often you stand to save the most money in the long term and get the best topper for the mattress you opt to buy.

Further, by getting into the good habit of using a mattress topper from day one you will keep that mattress as good as new for as long as possible, ensuring that you also then squeeze out as many silent nights as possible.

Revitalising an older mattress

Because mattress toppers are a relatively recent add-on in the bedding department though, many of us aren’t yet ready to do away with our existing mattress, or perhaps cannot right now afford to, but are all too aware that our aging and existent mattress is doing us no good at getting a restful night’s sleep.

If this describes your situation, don’t fret; mattress toppers needn’t be bought in conjunction with a new mattress. In fact, there are a whole host of companies, such as online bedding specialists, Sleepy People, who stock and sell a wide range of cheap mattress toppers to suit all beds, and buyers.