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Cleaning a Four Burner Gas BBQ

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Anybody who enjoys grilling also knows that their barbecue will need to be cleaned from time to time. Since most foods will drip grease, fat, and sauce, onto the interior of the grill, the ashen remnants of this can build up over time, and will not only affect the taste of your food, but the efficiency of your gas grill as well. Cleaning a grill is actually a very simple process, that should only take 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your barbecue.

You Will Need: Grill cleaner spray, a wire grill cleaning brush, rubbish bag, and paper towels

1 Purchase supplies: A trip to any local BBQ store will provide all the supplies you need..

2 Shut off the gas: It is very important that you turn off the gas valve to your BBQ, before you can begin to clean. The valve is on the hose that attaches to your gas tank, so simply turn the valve all the way closed.

3 Release any remaining gas: turn all the burner knobs to the highest setting, and allow the remaining gas, if any, to escape. Make sure you have the grill hood in the open position while doing this.

4 Let the Grill vent for five minutes: In order to ensure that the remaining gas has ventilated properly; leave your grill open and do not begin to clean it until you are sure.

5 Brush grill bars: Using your grill cleaning brush; firmly brush the surface of the grill bars in a forwards-backwards motion, along the bars and across them. Once you have brushed the surface, flip each grill bar over, and scrub the other side.

6 Saturate with grill cleaner spray and repeat step 5; Using your grill cleaner spray thoroughly, saturate the surface of the grill bars and brush both sides. Set the grill bars aside after you finish, so you can access the interior of the BBQ to clean.

7 Remove burner plates and clean these: All gas grills have metal plates, which cover and protect the flame pilots during cooking. These will typically become covered with ash, burnt grease, and sauce, over time. Simply remove them from the grill and brush them down. After you have brushed them once, saturate them with the cleaner spray and brush them down again. Set the plates aside so you can finish cleaning the rest of your grill.

8 Clean the interior of the grill: The plates will only catch a certain amount of sauce and grease; much will fall to the bottom of the grill and turn to ash. Using your grill brush, scrape all of this ash free, then douse it in cleaner spray, so it condenses, and then scoop it up with the paper towels.

9 Clean the grease catch: Many newer gas grills will come with a grease catching plate; You can usually access these through the rear of the BBQ. They generally have a small metal handle and will easily slide out. Remove this grease catch, and brush and clean it thoroughly.

10 Clean the exterior of the grill: Using your grill cleaner spray, saturate the exterior of the grill and wipe it down with a damp cloth, then with the paper towels. Repeat this process until the exterior is entirely clean.

11 Reassemble the grill:  Now you can put all the pieces of your barbecue grill back together, and turn the gas valve on again.

Happy grilling!