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Decorate Your New Build-Up

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With a new build-up addition loft conversion to your home, one of the main issues you may encounter is blending the new second story decorating elements with your first floor design scheme. Finding ways to make the transition appear smooth will make you proud to show off your new space.

Décor Themes

Pick a theme to blend the downstairs with your new upstairs. The goal is to create the same look through the home, by matching wall colours, mouldings and trim. For example, if you go with a classic theme you may opt for lighter colours and accents with bold, yet comfortable furnishings, such as leather items and solid oak. If you go with a Mediterranean style, you may choose deep, rich colours and antiques, to accent walls and rooms. For a more modern theme, you may go with a minimalistic design, with few decorating accents and accessories.


If you have an open entryway or hallway, connecting the stairway to the new upstairs addition; display family pictures or wall art in this area. Create a mosaic of photographs, using different mats and frames for your photos. Mix and match sizes, and decide if you want to use colour photographs or black and white prints, or a combination. Using photographs allows you to tie in two design themes without the worry of matching decor. Hanging a collection of vintage clocks of different sizes and styles on a stairway wall, provides continuity between the lower level and upper addition.

Design Elements

Adding your favourite accessories can make your upper extension look its best. The upstairs landing area is also a good place to display your favourite collections; including antique mirrors, books, and collectable figurines. Add a long buffet table in the entry hallway, to enhance your decorative items. Use your favourite faux greenery, hurricane lamps, and baskets, on empty tables and spaces. Fill hurricane lamps with natural elements such as polished stone or clear gems, or maybe fake fruit. Incorporate battery-operated tea lights, to create subtle lighting.

Floors and Windows

Don’t forget about your floors and windows when you decorate your build-up. For hardwood floors, accent the space by adding area rugs, like runners or Orientals. If you choose carpeting, make the break between the two shades of carpeting with a small hardwood floor border; this will make the difference less noticeable. Focus on finials and iron rods to highlight curtains; they make a décor statement, while highlighting curtains or blinds.

Remember that any window treatments are as important to the outside of your home as the inside, and bear this in mind when making your choices.