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Decorating a Small Living Space for Christmas

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Small apartments, home and spaces can be fantastically decorated for the New Year with a little help from some good ideas and a few holiday tricks.

Pick a small tree. In small spaces, there often isn’t enough room to put a big tree, but that doesn’t mean that a small tree won’t look good. If you put it on a pedestal, it will be up higher, and it won’t take up as much space on the floor and it won’t create the overcrowded feeling that would have happened if you used a bigger tree.

You can go for the alternative too. The thing that is more important than the tree is the symbolism behind, the Christmas spirit it represents. There are a lot of creative alternative that can take up much less space than an actual tree. You can make wall decorations shaped like Christmas trees by using lamps, dry twigs or imaginative mini trees for your floor or shelf.

Be innovative. Instead of adding objects into an already smaller space, try replacing what you already have there. For example, you can replace your old decorative pillowcases with new ones that have holiday motives or messages. If you are good at sewing, and you like DIY projects, Christmas pillowcases won’t cause you a lot of trouble. Replace regular cups and glasses with unique shinny ones that will add to the festive atmosphere and that will surprise guests.

Decorate your club table. The club table in your living room is the central place around which guests gather, so don’t neglect it. It’s enough that you cover it with some festive themed covers and motives and you put some decorative candles on it, and it will be just perfect.

Make sure you decorate your windows too. What is Christmas without some awesome decoration on the windows? You can use sprays if you have bare windows, and if you have blinds on your windows, you can just pull some lamps in between them and leave it like that.

A festive entrance is always welcome. Even the smallest apartment and home has to have one thing – the entrance door. If you don’t have a lot of space for decoration inside, you can express your creativity on the front door. You will feel the festive spirit and warmth as soon as you come home, and you will make all guests and neighbours just a little bit happier. You can hang twigs or little wreaths on your door, and if you have a glass door, you can put rustic sprinkles into everything, or some other New Year decoration.

And in the end, don’t forget the terrace. If you have a terrace, make sure you decorate it. Decorate the fence with with artificial green twigs that are decorated, maybe with lamps, and decorate the walls with wreaths. Don’t forget the ceiling too, it can be a great place to put lanterns.