Fabulous Inverstment Property Now Available In Vale do Lobo

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In recent years, after a stagnant spell prompted by the global recession in 2008, many foreign investors are once again looking at the southern European countries to purchase a property that can bring them a great return on investment. Because the market is still relatively slow, buying a property with the expectations of doing a fast flip is maybe a little optimistic, unless you manage to get a fixer upper at a very low price in a fabulous area, but these are usually snapped up by savvy locals before they even make it to the “for sale” section of real estate agent’s websites.

vale de lobo villa

Luxurious 4-bedroom villa at Vale do Lobo

No, these days, investors are looking at properties that may have excellent rental potential – such as this prime example of Vale do Lobo real estate, located on the sunny Algarve in Portugal. The Vale do Lobo is one of three resorts that makes up the area’s prestigious Golden Triangle; many celebs own properties in the region, including ex-Liverpool player Steven Gerrard, and singer-songwriter Ronan Keating.

Activities and attractions available in the Vale do Lobo resort include a blue flag beach with the opportunity to enjoy diverse water sports,  two world-class championship golf courses, several restaurants of a very hard standard, and the resort is furthermore home to the largest tennis academy in Europe. With so much going on, it is little wonder this area is so sought after.

Although this type of exclusive property will undoubtedly rise in value over time, it also has the potential to earn a new owner some serious rental income, as properties like this in the area have the potential to bring in €10,000 per week in high season.

This villa was designed by Vasco Viera, an award-winning South African architect who has designed a number of similar homes in the Algarve.

The property sits in a plot of 430 m2, and comprises four luxurious bedrooms, all with their own shower rooms. It has fabulous views of the sea which can be enjoyed from the spectacular roof terrace that boosts a jacuzzi – pure heaven.

See for Algarve property for sale and more information on this stunning Vasco Viero villa. If you are in a position to purchase, not only will you have a superb home that can generate income for you every summer, but also a second home to use while the property is not rented in a location that most of us can only dream about!