Get Yourself Organised In 2016 With Bespoke Furniture

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If you haven’t already invested in or thought to furnish your home and garden with bespoke furniture, 2016 might just prove the perfect time in which to do so. Why now? To answer that question, here are a pick of three of the top reasons for you to consider.

Bespoke Fitted Furniture

One of the best ways to remedy all the clutter a home can find itself collecting (short of parting with it) is to dispense with the idea of further cluttering your home with freestanding furniture within which to hide said clutter and instead consider investing in the services and expert eye a designer can provide, such as bespoke fitted furniture designer Barbara Genda. Whilst using fitted furniture as a pose to trying to fit off-the-shelf freestanding furniture into a home as homes are not made in standardised sizes or shapes, is an obvious solution, it is surprising how few people think of going down the fitted furniture route.

Perhaps the old idea of beds fixed complete with overhead (and overbearing) storage that gives the bedroom that dated ‘caravan’ feel or walls of mirror-doored sliding wardrobes have given people cold feet, but that is exactly why designers like Genda are worth looking into.

Genda’s designs don’t just challenge the ideas people may still have about fitted furniture in 2016; modern bespoke fitted furniture designers have worked tirelessly to revolutionise what fitted furniture can be used for, as well dragged its aesthetics into the new millennium. Further, Genda, in particular, goes as far as to achieve all this whilst also challenging the idea that anything bearing the ‘bespoke’ label need also carry an eye watering price tag. So, to get truly storage savvy this New Year, give bespoke fitted furniture a look-see.

Bespoke Loft Conversions and Furniture

Whilst Barbara Genda’s team are fully capable of providing fantastic loft conversions, one company that is lesser known of perhaps, but definitely deserves the publicity is that of loft conversion masters, Eco-Loft. Self proclaimed ‘space creators’, and rightly so, Eco-Loft are a small family run business (but who operate nation-wide) with over thirty years of experience renovating and kitting out the most awkwardly shaped loft spaces to turn otherwise wasteful space into a place to store all the things that can otherwise clutter the home – whether books, stacks of video games and a tangle of consoles or simply the kids, for that matter.

Eco-Loft aren’t just masters at converting and building fitted storage smart furniture though. As well as designing and realising brilliantly bespoke furnished hobby rooms, liveable spaces and loft storage solutions, the company also pride themselves on providing ecologically minded storage spaces. To find out exactly how Eco-Loft achieves this as well as all their available services and have a look at their work, give the Eco-Loft website a visit.

Bespoke Garden Sheds and Garden Buildings

Last but not least, and not strictly furniture for that matter, but somewhere to store a surplus of it and anything else that might be cluttering the house, is the bespoke garden shed. A bespoke shed unlike many of the standard shed offerings out there is certainly a way to furnish a garden space with a real wow factor. Those two reasons aren’t the only ones though for considering investing in the purchase of a bespoke shed.

Like homes, garden spaces are not made in any one standard size or shape. Rather and often, the perimeters of a garden are determined by factors which can mean that many homes have gardens that are unusually shaped or to size specifications which do not always reflect the size of the home to which they belong. Then, being able to discuss the size and shape of both your needs and garden with a bespoke garden shed company can prove the only way to have a shed which works for both you and your garden space.