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Granite Countertops – An Investment In Good Appearance

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There are many benefits of using granite as a natural material for home decor. Granite is the absolutely most durable of all materials available for countertops. Granite countertops will not scratch, scorch or become damaged, even if you work directly on the countertop. Because granite is heat resistant, it will not burn or leave scorch marks if exposed to hot pans or pots. Man-made countertop surfaces contain a percentage of petrochemicals like plastic, which immediately show burn marks which are impossible to remove. Granite is the hardest stone nature has to offer, coming second only to the diamond.

Man-made countertop surfaces such as siltstone, Formica or wood veneer simply cannot compare to the quality of a granite countertop.

Apart from granite countertops durability, another good reason to purchase granite is its natural elegant appearance. Granite is made from rising lava from volcanoes which solidified and slowly cooled over millions of years under the earth’s crust.

Granite Countertops Benefits

Granite countertops are affordable, although maybe somewhat more expensive than synthetic countertops, but the extra cost is well worth it. Every granite stone is completely unique, making a granite countertop beautiful.

You will find there are literally hundreds of color options to choose from, and many different pattern styles such as veins, swirls and specks. Granite will always be colored all the way through.

Furthermore, granite is easy to clean and makes a very sanitary countertop material. It does not encourage bacteria, and although it is very difficult to damage, in the event that you manage, it can usually be repaired. The best product I have found for cleaning granite is Rock Doctor, a granite countertop polish that can be found locally in major stores such as Lowes.

The Rock Doctor company offers a granite polish, cleaner and also a granite sealer.

Because granite is porous, certain substances can seep in and leave stains or discolor the surface. The use of a sealant will help to protect from this and also prolong the life of a very attractive kitchen worktop. After sealing, liquids will bead and not seep; preventing staining not only from deeply colored substances like wine and vegetable juices, but also from grease.

Sealing granite countertops is very easy to do and is well worth the effort. I recommend the Rock Doctor brand to provide maximum protection for a longer period of time. It is recommended to apply the sealer when the countertop is new, thus protecting the surface from the very beginning and ensuring maximum lifespan. The sealer is applied to a clean surface and should be left to dry completely before you work on the countertop.