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Help! I’m Planning a Loft Conversion!

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As someone who recently converted my loft in my Worcester home I know how complicated it can be getting the right information about a loft conversion. I contacted a number of Loft conversions in Worcester firms before picking a company called Touchstone to do my conversion.

Here I offer you some helpful information if you are thinking about home extensions or a loft conversion.

If you are thinking about investing in a home extension of any kind, it is imperative that you make sure your property is suitable for the project. There are thousands of home renovation and extension attempts which fail every year, simply because the homeowners do not take the time to design the project around the needs of the existing structure. Sometimes it’s out of your hands and you need to hire a professional like Capital Construction Contracting Inc to help you out.

For loft conversions, this is even more important, because this kind of build sits upon a pre-existing shell. If the foundation is not suitable, the project will either be extremely hard to finish, have to be significantly altered, or, in extreme circumstances, even cause damage to the integrity of the structure.

This handy guide to a few of the most FAQs about loft conversions should help you get to grips with the right information.

I don’t know if I have enough room in my loft. How can I check?

If you need to verify how much space there is in an existing loft, before going ahead with a loft conversion, the best approach is to take the ridge measurements. To do this, you need to measure from the very top of the roof joists to the very bottom of the ridge. The bare minimum of space required for a sturdy flat roof dormer project is approximately 7.2 inches. If you do not have this amount of space, your property might not be suitable for a loft conversion.

How much do I need to invest in a loft conversion?

Well, this will depend entirely on what kind of project you would like to pursue, but the general estimate says that standard (small scale) loft conversions begin at around $25,000. It might be possible to finish a project for less, but you really do want to avoid skimping on materials and skilled labor, just to bring the overall price tag down. If you want to enjoy a quality build, which adds a significant amount of market value to the property, it needs to be constructed with care and skill.

Do loft conversions need approval from the local authorities?

The good news is that a standard loft conversion project no longer requires planning approval from the local authorities. Whilst this was once the case, this kind of build is now considered to be a ‘permitted renovation,’ which means that, as long as it follows a standard design, the space belongs to you. You will only need to apply for special permission if want to alter the space in a way which is not covered by the 2008 planning regulations.