How to Get the Best Deals on Home Furniture

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Buying good quality furniture can be cost effective with understanding one’s needs, good research, willingness to wait for end-of-season sales & comparison shopping.

There are lots of good deals in the market for quality furniture. Besides aesthetic appeal and fitting in with the decor, the furniture should also be durable and comfortable. Kid and pet friendliness, maintenance costs and whether the furniture is going to be outdoors or indoors are other factors to consider before furniture shopping.

How to Pick the Right Kind of Furniture

Consider these pointers before deciding to buy a piece of sofa or couch.

Kid/Pet Friendliness — Consider if you very young children that might spill on expensive furniture. or pets that might scratch on a newly bought sofa. Microfiber resists stains and might be a better choice in a household with young children. Tables with sharp edges may not preferred in a home with toddlers.

Maintenance — How much time and money are you willing to spend on cleaning the furniture?

Is furniture easy to move — If you live in a rented house or apartment, is the sofa and couch easy to move?

Colours — Does it match the general mood and decor of the house? Does the colour of the furniture go well with the colour of the floor and walls?

Tips to Get Cheap, but Good Furniture – Why Should you Buy Furniture in January and July?

Here are some tips to save money on furniture.

Capitalize on End of Season Sales — Prices on patio sets are cheaper in September. “The best months to buy furniture are January and July, just before new shipments arrive”, according to Jackie Hirschhaut of the American Home Furnishings Alliance in High Point, N.C., in a USA Today article. The retailer is anxious to make space for the new items and wants to get rid of space consuming old inventory.

Make use of Inventory Liquidation Sales — Look for store closings, “going-out-of-business” signs among furniture stores. Usually stores that close, have an initial markdown, and a few days later there is a more generous markdown. In the final days of sale, there are a lot of non-matching pieces available at a deep discount.

Model home furniture sale by builders — Home builders buy complete furniture and accessories to make their model homes look appealing to buyers. When all the homes in the community are sold out, furniture and other decorative items are available at a throw-away price. Enquiring with the sales staff in a new community might be a worthwhile exercise before walking into a furniture store.

Garage sales and Craigslist Sales — Garage sales and Craigslist are good places to look for used furniture, that can be fixed up into upcycled pieces.

Buy Individual Units Instead of Sets — Non-matching items could be got for a bargain. With an artistic eye, convert non-matching items into an eclectic style.

Do Research Online — Most research is done before going to the store. Browse a few stores’ catalogues online to avoid impulsive buying without adequate information at the store. When at the store ask for discounts and price matches.

Buy Furniture Online — Buying online is cheaper but has the disadvantage of not letting the buyer see, touch and feel the real furniture.

Furniture Delivery — Some stores make a higher margin on delivering the furniture than the furniture piece itself. See if the store has a warehouse pickup option.

When the furniture is delivered, make sure that it is free of blemishes, cracks and tears. With a little research and willingness to wait, one can bring home furniture that both looks appealing and comes at a reasonable cost.