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I Need a Plumber – Now!

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I had cooked some spinach for Saturday lunch and without thinking poured the water in the saucepan which included residue from the spinach down the sink. The water disappeared and I happily went off to my local pub to join my friends for a lazy afternoon get-together.

After a few glasses of white wine I came home to read the latest news online and went to cook dinner. I had left some dishes in the sink so I washed up and saw the water was not running away. I had a bottle of Drain Clean Liquid Solvent for unblocking drains in my bathroom cupboard because my bath drain has a tendency to become blocked from time to time, so I went to fetch it.

I poured the liquid through the water and left it for the required time but when I went back to take a look later, the water had still not disappeared and the only difference there was now a sticky yellow liquid swirling around in the sink too.

Being an independent guy living alone I decided to tackle the problem myself. Fetching a bucket I proceeded to undo the rings on the U-bend and take it apart. Maybe it was the result of my social afternoon or perhaps it was over confidence but I had no doubt I would be able to put it back together as I found it.

I soon found the problem, the spinach had gone into a smelly green gunge that was clinging to the plastic pipe and I had to scrape it out bit by bit – it was probably the most disgusting job I have ever had to do. Having the pieces of pipe apart to thoroughly clean them and get rid of the smell I was faced with a selection of pipes of all lengths, washers, rings…..and I looked at them in horror.

What on earth went where? I sat on the floor with my head under the sink trying to put this jigsaw together. Eventually I had the semblance of a U-bend and I got up and turned the tap on and felt a spurt of water soaking my trousers.

Turning the tap off I knelt down with my head in the cupboard again and it looked alright to me. Then I saw it was leaking from one ring. By then I had had another glass of wine to soothe my frustrations and calm my nerves so I took thing apart again.

Several hours later, well after midnight I was surrounded by pipes that would not fit washers from who knows where. The next morning I had to ring an emergency plumber from Kew and explain what I had done. Luckily, he was able to come straightaway, as I had my parents coming round for Sunday lunch.

The moral of the story is be very careful what you put down the sink, and if you do not know what you are doing do not waste time trying to fix it yourself. Calling an expert to do the job straightaway, will save you many problems in the long run, and won’t cause you to turn to drink!