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Ideas for Decorating a Solarium

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A solarium is a room whose main purpose is to let the sun shine in: This type of room, also called a conservatory or sun room, is the next best thing to sitting outside and basking in the sun. Solariums should be comfortable and inviting, with a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The room should stand out from the rest of the house, yet be decorated in such a way that it obviously belongs there.


Adding plants to a solarium is almost a requirement: The type of plants chosen will depend on the main use of the room. If it is a place where adults relax and sip coffee or read a book, then use plenty of plants, including large varieties, to fill one or more corners of the room. Ferns and flowers give the solarium a tropical feel, although too many plants can make the room feel cramped or smaller. A mix of hanging plants and floor or tabletop plants, helps bring in the outdoors, without using up all of the space.


By its nature, a solarium has a lot of natural light coming in, which is both the best and the worst feature of this type of room. A well-lighted solarium can seem to be a part of the outside world, and these rooms typically have plenty of windows, as well as skylights, that let in the light. The problem comes from too much of a good thing: Continued strong sunlight can make the room too hot, fade furniture, burn plants, and damage books and electronics. Window blinds that coordinate with the rest of the room can help control the light. Blinds should be a light colour to preserve the sunroom feeling. Natural wood, or blinds in natural colours, work well in a solarium.


In keeping with the overall ambiance of the room, solarium furniture is typically light in appearance and colour. Items made from natural materials, such as rattan or bamboo furniture, tend to work much better than heavy upholstery or leather. A solarium should never be stuffed with too much furniture; The room should contain just enough, of whatever will actually be used. Light, delicate pieces work best, when decorating a solarium; to maintain the overall feeling and purpose of the room.


As with the rest of the furniture, storage in a solarium is best when minimised. Avoid big, heavy pieces and opt instead for storage that fits the lightness and airiness of the room. Wicker trunks and baskets often work well in a solarium, as do open shelves. Depending on the room, wrought iron painted in light colours can be used for accent pieces, but the metal should look delicate, rather than overly heavy. Built-in cupboards can store almost anything, without overwhelming the room.

Your solarium should give you hours of pleasure; for the sunshine in summer, or just as a retreat for those quiet moments alone.