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Installing Heated Tile

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Installing heated flooring tiles in your bathroom: Stepping out of the shower onto heated tile is the dream of many homeowners, and in fact installing heated tile doesn’t require that much more effort than installing a regular tiled floor. Radiant heating can be installed under the tile with minimal effort: The heating will warm your feet and add only a small amount to your electricity bill.

You Will Need:
Cement backer board or crack suppression membrane
Plastic grids for radiant heating wires
Glue gun
Radiant heating cables
Thin set mortar
Notched trowel
Tile spacers
Tile saw
Spirit Level
Grout float
Grout sponge

1 Prepare the floor for the tile: Wood subfloors need a ¼-inch cement backer board installed on top of them, while concrete floors should be fitted with a crack suppression membrane.

2 Use a hot glue gun to glue the plastic grids, for the radiant heating wires on the floor. Consult the manufacturers’ directions, to determine how close together the grids should be installed. Space the grids evenly, to ensure an even amount of heat across the floor.

3 Install the radiant heating cables into the plastic grids; Consult and follow the manufacturers’ directions, regarding the spacing between cables.

4 Hire an electrician to connect the floor to a dedicated circuit on your home’s power supply.

5 Lay out the tile on the floor: Arrange the tiles to find a layout that requires the fewest cuts with a tile saw.

6 Spread a thin layer of thin set mortar, over the heating cables with the flat edge of a notched trowel. Once the mortar is in place, run the notched edge of the trowel over the mortar. Do this carefully so you do not displace the cables or plastic grids.

7 Place the tiles into the thin set mortar: Use tile spacers between each of the tiles, and make necessary cuts with a tile saw. Check each tile to make sure it is level, before moving on to the next. Install the entire tile floor, and let it dry for 24 hours.

8 Remove the tile spacers, and grout the floor: Apply grout with a grout float. Allow the grout to dry for 30 minutes, then wipe the excess from the tile with a damp grout sponge. Allow the floor to dry again for 24 hours.

Do not use the radiant heating for three to four weeks after fitting, so that the mortar can fully cure.

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