Investing in Style: Antique and Vintage Furniture

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While many people today are choosing modern styles of furnishings; there are still those who prefer the beauty and elegance of fine antique furniture. There is a certain amount of debate over how old something has to be before it is considered an antique; generally it was accepted that anything over 100 years old could be classed as antique, but nowadays more and more dealers and store owners will tell you 50-year-old objects are also antiques. When we think of antique furniture we usually picture items from hundreds of years ago in the styles of the eras of Louis XV or XVI, or Queen Anne etc. A browse in antique furniture stores will often surprise us, with the range of examples from various eras and some which we would only think of as retro.

Modern furniture designers will often include a selection of vintage furniture or traditional furniture in their range, but these are usually objects that they have crafted themselves in the style of vintage items. There are however, many stores and websites that will lead you to fine antique treasures and original furniture and you will soon begin to notice the difference.

Objects from a bygone era will stand out to an expert because of their crafting and certain delicate touches that are not obvious to the untrained eye. One clear example of this would be the antique writing desks that were carved by hand and usually incorporated at least one hidden compartment. These items are usually very much in demand and sought after by collectors and dealers worldwide.

Antique furniture stores are wonderful places to browse and to admire items that have been around for so long and are still standing strong. You can also find a wide selection on sale online, which can be just as much fun to browse through.

While antiques are generally large and bulky and require a large room to perfectly display them; you would surely manage to find space for a vintage rocking chair or a small antique side table, either of which will become the focal point of your room and a major talking point. Trends today are veering away from the flat pack, assemble-yourself furniture that was made popular in the 70s, as consumers now are returning to the more solid and elegant furniture of their grandfathers. Sales of antique and vintage furniture are reaching new heights as people look for a totally different style to their homes.

Chaise lounges, Ottomans, cheval mirrors, and rocking chairs are becoming  popular even in quite modern homes and the demand for rocking horses for nurseries is keeping modern carpenters busy as well as antiques dealers.

Buying antique furniture online is a simple way to search and find your ideal pieces without having to travel from store to store; particularly as antique shops are widespread and you may have to travel for miles to find the next one.

Whether you buy a genuine antique or just a copy; you will enjoy that piece of furniture far more than anything you can buy in a flat pack.