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Make a T-Shirt Folding Machine

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A T-shirt folding machine doesn’t have a motor, but it does have moving parts; It is used to fold T-shirts neatly, to a uniform size so they can be easily stacked on a shelf, or placed in drawers. When not in use, the machine folds flat to store under the bed, or behind a door. Here is how you can make one of these machines for yourself.

You Will Need:
Sturdy cardboard or foam board
Duct tape
Box cutter or scissors
Ruler or measuring tape

Building the Machine

1 Measure and cut two pieces of cardboard; measuring 30 inches by 7.5 inches (A), one piece measuring 30 inches by 14 inches (B) and one piece measuring 14 inches by 10 inches (C).

2 Place piece B in front of you, and position the A pieces on the left and right sides, so they overlap piece B by 2 inches. Make sure the top and bottom edges are level with piece B.

3 Tape pieces A to piece B along their entire lengths. Turn each piece A toward the centre, and tape the other sides to create hinges.

4 Position piece C on piece B between pieces A, aligning it with the bottom edge of B.

5 Tape the top of C to B, turn C upward, and tape the other side to create a hinge.


Using the Machine

1 Lie the machine on the bed or table, so pieces A and C are on top. Flip C down.

2 Position the shirt so the collar is at the top edge of B, and smooth it out.

Fold the sleeves in and smooth them out.

4 Flip the left A over, folding the left side of the shirt. Flip left A back. Flip the right A over to fold the other side. Flip right A back.

5 Flip C up, to fold the bottom of the shirt up to the collar. Flip C back.

6 Remove the shirt and put it away.

It may be helpful to label both sides of each piece A, B or C as you assemble the machine, to make it easier to follow the assembly and use instructions.

The folding machine works well for other kinds of shirts, and can even be used for other clothes too.