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Maximise Living Space with a Single Futon

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Whether you live in a small apartment or you just want the ability to turn one of the rooms in your house into a guest room; buying a single futon is a great option. While for some people futons conjure up images of sleeping on a rock hard, uncomfortable bed, this really isn’t the case. Futons are a great combination of form and function and can be a tasteful addition to any room. On top of this, there are many types of single futon mattress out on the market today, such as memory foam, that are even really comfortable to sleep on, night after night. Whether you’re thinking about furnishing a guest room or your efficiency apartment;  getting a futon is a great choice.

What is a Single Futon?

A futon is essentially a bed that folds up into another piece of furniture. Futons can fold into sofas or chairs, and some even come in bunk beds, with the lower bed folding up into a sofa. They started in Japan, where tiny efficiency apartments meant that every square foot of space was extremely valuable. A futon let you have one room that was a bedroom at night but was a place where you could sit and relax by yourself or with friends during the day.

Benefits of Single Futons

There are many reasons why you should look at buying futons. First, they are extremely affordable. Brand new futons that are high quality can cost you as little as £80: That’s less than most sofas and most beds even though futons can act as both.

However just being affordable isn’t enough to justify buying a sofa. They’re also extremely functional, and you don’t have to be living in a small apartment to make use of them. By letting you turn a bed into a sofa, you also can turn one room into a different room. So your den can turn into a guest room when you need it; giving your house more functions.

While futons may get a bad rap; depending on the kind that you get, you can actually get a really comfortable night’s sleep if you find the right mattress.

A Single Futon Mattress

When you buy single futons, you generally buy a frame and mattress together.  The frame comes in many different sizes and can be made out of any material from metal to wood.  Most futons that you buy combined with a frame; will come with a layered mattress.  Layered mattresses are made of layers of foam and batting that give the bed a firm foundation.  These mattresses come in varying thicknesses; thicker mattresses are easier to sleep on, but harder to move around and convert the futon from a bed into a sofa and vice-versa.  Layered mattresses are comfortable if you like sleeping on a harder surface, but not if you’re used to sleeping on a deep mattress.

If you want to have the best night’s sleep on your futon, you can either buy just the frame or you can upgrade the mattress after you buy it.  There are several very comfortable options for futon mattress, but the best is probably memory foam.  Memory foam was designed by NASA, conforms to your body shape, and is incredibly comfortable.  It costs a little bit more, but it’s a great option for a futon that you will be using for sleeping on long term, so that you can get a good night’s sleep

Buying a Futon Bed

There are many different places where you can find a futon online. One great site is, or another
option is looking at Amazon, where you can not only find a single futon bed, but also all the sheets and other bedding materials that you’ll need for it. A futon may be a little bit more expensive than an air mattress, but it’s also more functional. It can be used as a sofa as well as a bed and can be set up in seconds. Whether you’re trying to furnish your studio apartment, or looking for a useful piece of furniture for your home; a futon is a great choice.