Need a Local Plumber? Which Trusted Traders is a Good Start

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Finding a reliable and reputable local plumber might be easy if you live in a small town and have been there a while. However, if you are new to town, know very few people and are just one among thousands, the task can be a lot trickier. Indeed, almost Russian roulette! If you have a plumbing problem, there is no reason to leave it all to chance.

Which? Has been testing services and products for almost sixty years and has a very solid reputation with regards to giving straightforward, unbiased facts. Today they have expanded their help to the consumer with a new site which assesses and endorses local tradeswomen and men.

How Do they Choose?

Every plumber that applies to join the Which? Trusted Traders is checked and assessed by Which? All the reviews are by real customers, giving real experiences. Without doubt, this is one of the best ways to get a factual assessment on which plumbers are the most reputable and reliable in your area.


Reputable and professional plumbers will give a free no obligation quote. This means you get time to think and access exactly who suits you and the work you need done the best. While some will give a price over the phone (which can be okay for straight forward tasks) it is best for them to come out, see the job first hand, and then quote – Particularly if the work is extensive like a new kitchen or bathroom or home extension for example: With so many factors it can be almost impossible to get it 100% accurate. Coming out to the job site is the only real way to get a comprehensive and accurate quote. If they cannot be bothered to do that, it’s best to move on.

Much More than a Leaky Pipe

Some of the more reputable and experienced plumbing companies will be able to deal with heating issues, kitchen and bathroom installations and drainage – Not just a leaky pipe! If you are having an extension there will be different phases at which you will need a plumber. Some will even complete the whole extension, including plumbing and electrics. If that is what you need it is well worth approaching those plumbing companies that can deal with the complete job. This can save a lot of hassle with co-ordinating different companies to do different jobs at different times.

Why a Which? Trusted Trader

Which? Have an excellent reputation and you can rely on them to ask all the right questions and know all the pitfalls – Indeed, they are actively looking for all the pros and cons. Their work is impartial and is not carried out for profit (no owners or shareholders swaying the balance to suit their pocket). In this way you can have complete confidence that what you see is what you get. Without doubt, if you are looking for honest and impartial opinions with regards to plumbers in your area they will have the best, most sound advice.