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Resurface Worn Countertops

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Bathroom and kitchen countertops can be covered in laminate,  to give them a new look and seal out moisture. Since bathroom countertops tend to be smaller than those in the kitchen, that project is usually a little easier. The laminate can be installed over any flat, de-glossed surface that is free of cracks and loose materials.

 You Will Need:
Vibrating sander
Medium sandpaper
Spirit Level
Tape measure
Razor or Stanley knife
Countertop laminate
Contact cement
Laminate router bit
Laminate J roller
6 dowel rods, 1 inch wide by 3 feet long
Clean rags
Goggles: Wear goggles when routing the laminate.


1 Remove the sink if there is one, and any other obstructions from the countertop.

2 Sand off the gloss and smooth out the surface of the countertop, with a vibrating sander. Be sure to take off all the shine, then wipe off any dust with a rag.

3 Measure the dimensions of each section of the countertop, using a measuring tape; Include in your measurements the hole for the sink. Add an inch to dimensions on all sides. Transfer the measurements to sheets of laminate with a pencil and spirit level, and cut out the shapes with your knife.

4 Cover the back of each cut piece of laminate with contact cement, brushing it on with a paintbrush. Cover the countertop surface with contact cement in the same manner, and let this set for about 15 minutes.

5 Hold the laminate for the front vertical edge of the countertop in front of the space; getting it properly positioned. Press it against the surface, and immediately roll over it with a laminate J roller to set it. Use your router to trim off the 1-inch overhanging laminate.

6 Lay dowel rods along the top of the countertop, across its width, 10 to 12 inches apart. Set the top piece of laminate on the rods.

7 Place the piece properly, making sure the sink space is lined up, with the an extra inch of laminate overhanging the hole, and overhanging the outer edges as well. Slide the dowel rods out forwards, one by one, so the laminate gradually makes contact with the surface. Press it into place with the J roller.

8 Run your router around the perimeter of the countertop, to trim off the overhang, then run it around the inner shape of the sink hole as well. Let the laminate set for a day before you re-install the sink.

Your countertops will look as good as new, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.