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Simple and Stylish Box Room Ideas

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It is widely known that it is not the size of the room that matters but rather what you choose to do with it that counts the most. Even the smallest of bedrooms can be turned into eye-catching spaces; all you need to do it bring together the right design elements. And, making your bedroom the peaceful retreat you need after a hard day’s work is easier than you might think.

Here are some of our best ideas for turning a tiny bedroom into the best possible place.

Choose a peaceful palette
By doing something as simple as choosing a lighter color, you will be able to make your tiny bedroom appear much bigger than it is. And, it will also look much brighter. If you are opting for a lighter room and you do not want it to look clinical you can always add a splash of color in the form of scatter cushions or floor rugs.

Light up your box room
Lighting is one of the most important things you will want to consider when re-doing your tiny bedroom. In very much the same way as a soft pallet can make a room seem bigger and brighter, choosing the right lighting for your bedroom can further enhance your effect and make your room seem larger and much more welcoming.

Let natural light in
Let the sunshine! Yes, let in as much natural light as possible. Natural light will brighten up your bedroom and give the illusion of a much larger room. If you are concerned about privacy, why not include the use of roller blinds? Another option to consider would be the use of voile or lace to cover windows without obstructing the natural light. If there isn’t a window in your box room, you might need some sort of fan or aircon to make sure air is circulated and does not become stale during the night.

Use mirrors
Making use of the right mirrors can make your tiny bedroom seem much larger than it really is. Mirrors have the ability to act like additional windows and simply placing one large mirror in your bedroom will make it seem as though you instantly have additional space.

Go up
Instantly free up space in your tiny bedroom by lifting your bed off the floor! That’s right; invest in a bed which allows you to have additional storage space underneath it. This is one of the most popular tricks for children’s rooms to make them seem larger and it really does work. While the room might not actually be bigger, it would really look and feel bigger.

Repeat a single motif
Always be careful with patterns. If you really must use a pattern print on a smaller room it is important to always stick to just one motif such as a heart or flower. Make use of your chose design in a painting or an assessor. Making use of too many different patterns will result in the room looking too busy and therefore much smaller.

Double duty headboards
Investing in a headboard which offers additional storage space is an absolute winner, after all, headboards are not there to simply look pretty anymore. They need to be functional.