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Using Polka Dots in Your Interior Design

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Polka dots have been around for years but many homeowners never use them in their interior design or decorating scheme. That may be because people are afraid they’ll use them the wrong way and the results will be something their family just cannot live with. If you have some interior design skills or an experienced friend to help out, it’s actually not that difficult to get a good result.

Choose Your Colors

The first thing to know is that you should not use all the colors of the polka dots in a room’s design. Let’s say you are working with several polka dot decorative pillows. Choose just one or two of the colors in the throw pillows and use those colors in room accessories. If you are new to interior decorating, work with one of the more subtle colors. Normally, when you see polka dot fabrics, there are red, green, blue, yellow, and black circles against a white background. This gives you numerous choices for your accessorizing.

Try to choose to colors that look good together, such as green and blue or green and black. Make the polka dot throw pillows your focal point by using various size pillows on the couch, in a chair, or on a loveseat. A green bowl of fruit on the coffee table accented by a black vase will create quite a statement in the room. To go a step further, add a black rug under the coffee table with a green lamp on a side table. If you’re not happy with the first rendition of your design, continue working at it moving various elements to new locations.

Tips for Success

Polka dots give a room a fun casual vibe and this design scheme can be used in a casual family room or even a more formal dining area. The success of your design elements will depend on how well you can put the colors all together in a cohesive look. Sometimes it can help to browse through interior design books for ideas. Today there are many websites that specialize in showing you good ideas for craft projects, interior design, clothing combinations, and many others.

Bring the Area to Life with Throw Pillows

Working with decorative throw pillows will give you many creative ideas for changing the vibe of the whole room. This is an economical way to add pizzazz to any area and it’s easy to change the room’s look simply by moving a few things around and placing them in new locations.

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